The finest bath & spa items we could find.   Many are made locally by Charleston's best artisans, and others have a worldwide following.    They will be sure to leave you feeling pampered, relaxed, and smooth.  Enjoy!

Swedish Sea Salt Soap

Mmmmm....the scent of a day spent on the water.    Nothing like it.    Everyone knows that salt is good for the skin.   Our Swedish Sea Salt Soap is loaded with mineral rich salts  and  and lathers well for men's shaving needs; and it is perfect for giving women's skin that soft glow. 


Swedish Seaweed Soap

Sweden's Seaweed Soap is a gentle clarifier, removing impurities, leaving the skin ultra fresh and clean .    Click through for our selection - and indulge!


Belgian Eggwhite Soap

A facial in every wash!    Fresh from the countryside, Belgian eggwhite soaps are produced with pure eggwhites, chamomile and lecithin oil.   


Swedish Sunflower Soap

For a fresh face that's clean and moist, wash with luxurious Swedish Sunflower Soap - made with sunflower oil for a rich cleaning experience.


Deep Steep Organic Bubble Bath

Mmmmm.....bubbles..... There's no better way to relax and refresh than to soak in a hot bubble bath and feel the stresses of the day soak out of your body.   Try Charleston's own Deep Steep organic bubble bath. 


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