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Byers' Choice 2013 Chef with Wine & Cheese

Christmas is the time for good food, good cheer and the comfort of family and friends.   Every year Byers' releases a new group of chefs.

Orig.: $80.00
Sale: $60.00

Byers' Choice 2013 Mrs. Cratchit

What better way to relive Charles Dickens’s timeless classic with a mother’s caring and love for her family? Mrs. Cratchit will add warmth to your collection with the scrumptious food she has baked for her family.

Orig.: $72.00
Sale: $54.00

Byers' Choice 2013 Donkey

New for 2013 are new additions to the Holy Family series.   Here we have the donkey who helped keep watch that holy night.

Orig.: $27.00
Sale: $20.25

Byers' Choice 2012 Holy Family

This is a new series from Byers'.    Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus are the first figures with more to come over the next few years.

Orig.: $165.00
Sale: $123.75

Byers' Choice 2012 Woman Holding Sheet Music

A classic piece, redone for 2012 is the woman with sheet music.   Perfect for the centerpiece of any display since she is the core of a caroler group. 

Orig.: $72.00
Sale: $54.00

Byers' Choice 2012 Mr. Fezziwig

Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig are happy and generous characters from Dickens' A Christmas Carol.   Collect the pair - they are filled with Christmas cheer.

Orig.: $74.00
Sale: $55.50

Byers' Choice Toddlers on a Sled/Wagon

Time for fun in the snow! The kids are out and about, excited for Santa's arrival and the fresh snow on the ground. These cute toddlers are on sleds or in a wagon.

Orig.: $39.00
Sale: $29.25

Byers Choice Wrought Iron Fence

Byers decorated wrought iron fence adds seasonal spirit and warm feelings to your Caroler displays.   Use it as a focal point or as a backdrop to your carolers. 

Orig.: $40.00
Sale: $36.00

Byers Choice White Picket Fence

Isn't this pretty?   A white picket fence with Christmas greenery to brighten up your Byers display.   

Orig.: $40.00
Sale: $30.00

Byers' Choice Double Storage Box

Make sure your Byers' pieces last for years to come. This box has room for safe storage of your figurines.


Byers' Choice Single Storage Box

These boxes are great for storing your Byers' carolers or you can add them to your display as authentic background pieces.


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