Unique, spectacular and handmade - that's the kind of jewelry we like to showcase here.   You won't find anything mass produced.      We have a large inventory of one-of-a-kind pieces which we will be presenting, so if you fall in love with a particular piece, get it before it's gone........      Please click on the photo or title for complete information about the item.

Terri's Sea Glass Earrings

They're called beach glass, sea glass, sand glass, and mermaid's tears.   Years, sometimes centuries of pounding waves and tumbling sand transform jagged broken glass into smooth naturaly frosted jewels.   These earrings are unique - no two pieces of sea glass will ever be alike.   Click through for selection!  


Belize Tigereye Earrings

Oh, so pretty.  The colors of brown tigereye, pink shell and amber glass will go with anything in your closet! 


Baltic Amber Necklaces

These baltic amber necklaces are always in style.   Whether for casual wear or more elegant occasions, amber is always in style.   These necklaces are simple, yet elegant.   Click through for our current selection.

From $55.00

Baltic Amber Earrings

These pretty amber earrings are season-less.   They look good in the summer as well as the fall.   Click through to see our brand new selection. 


Baltic Flower Bud Amber Earrings

Such pretty flower bud earrings.  Made with amber from the Baltic.   Click through for closeup and details!


Natasha's Basketweave Bracelets

The symmetry of knots and baskets has fascinated people for centuries because of the artistry and simply beauty of the designs.    Here our local artist, Natasha, designed these classically beautiful basketweave bracelets.   Click through for current selection.  

From $40.00

Natasha's Long Knot Earrings

The love of knots and the mystery of knot making has fascinated people for centuries.    Sailors passed their time trying out one knot and another on long voyages and that curiosity has never wavered.   Here our local artist, Natasha, brings that knot making ability to some wonderfully unique earrings.   Click through for current selection. 


Natasha's Small Knot Earrings

Like many historic skills, knotmaking is a dying art.  Our local artist, Natasha, has revived this amazing art with her handmade knotted earrings incorporating the traditional skills used by sailors on long voyages.    They are extremely lightweight and each is one of a kind.     Click through for our current selection. 


Susan's Sunrays Pendant

Susan's handmade necklaces feature her Sunray design.   It is full of stones and pearls, each a different color theme so it's easy to find the perfect color to fit your needs.   These have been a best seller of ours for quite some time.     The design is unusual, the quality is excellent and the price is amazing. 


Susan's Sugar Earrings

Susan's blue earrings contain the colors of the sea:   greens, greys and blues.   They are handmade and sterling silver. 


Jessica & Ian Pearl Necklace w/Gold Accents

Pearls and sterling and gold.   Our favorite things!    But they're even better combined in a pretty necklace from Jessica & Ian.   


Jessica & Ian's Wrapped Pearl Necklace

We have a lovely mix of pearl and sterling silver jewelry from our best selling artists Jessica and Ian.  Handmade in the USA!  Click through for current selection!


Michael's Large Tapestry Necklace

The exquisite design captures the essence of delicate boughs full with leaves and berries.    Cast in bronze with brown berries.   Our model loved wearing it, and you will too!   Definitely a stunning piece.


Michael's Maidenhair Fern Bracelet

We have a beautiful sellection of all of Michael's bronze botanical pieces.   Here is his Maidenhair Fern bracelet.


Michael's Jonquil Pendant

This single jonquil bloom makes such a pretty pendant - not too big and not too small.    It has an adjustable necklace to vary the length.   Click through for a closeup! 


Michael's Swamp White Oak Pendant

An acorn and clump of leaves is such a pretty and classic design.  The bronze pearls make it a really classy necklace.   Click through for a close up.


Michael's Wisteria Pin

 Michael's wisteria has always been one of our favorites.    It's simply beautiful.   And beautifully simple.


Michael's Burning Bush Earrings

You can wear these with the matching necklace and bracelet - or by themselves.  They are made of bronze with a pretty veneer which reflects the colors you are wearing.   They look great with jeans or with a little black dress like our model. 


Michael's White Oak Necklace

This is an amazing chance to get a stunning necklace on sale.    The Swamp White Oak necklace makes a perfect set with the earrings and the cuff bracelet.   Handmade of bronze.

Orig.: $179.00
Sale: $89.50

Michael's White Oak Earrings

This is an amazing chance to get a really pretty pair of earrings on sale.    The Swamp White Oak necklace makes a perfect set with the earrings.   Handmade of bronze. 

Orig.: $68.00
Sale: $34.00

Michael's Quaking Aspen Earrings

The quaking aspen is the glory of Autumn.  Its leaves glow a brilliant gold color as they begin to change, and Michael's Quaking Aspen earrings radiate the same beauty and brilliance. 


Michaels Sweet Gum Necklace

Michael's Sweet Gum Necklace draws its inspiration from two sources.  One, the brilliance of Sweet Gum trees, particularly in autumn, and two, from the hundreds of this type of tree that will be planted at the former site of the World Trade Center. 


Florian Stone & Crystal Earrings

Florian's earrings have been a best seller for years.    She combines beautiful colors together to make a simply stunning mix of beads and stones and crystals that make each piece truly a one of  a kind jewelry find.   Handmade here in the USA!


Sherrie's Charleston Ornate Ironwork Pendant

If you like Sherrie's earrings inspired by Charleston's historic ironwork, here are her beautiful ornate pendants!   Sterling silver.


Sherrie's Historic Charleston Gate Earrings-md

Creative and one-of-a-kind! These earrings are inspired by the historic ironworks that can be found here in Charleson, SC.  All done in sterling silver and complete with the street name it's created after. Our selection constantly changes, so click through to see all the current designs!!


Cheri's Handmade Rhodachrosite Necklace

Cheri is well known by our customers for her use of unusual stones and her hand crocheted metal work on her settings.    This is a beautiful necklace which she has named "Dainty". 


Cheri's Handmade Earrings

We just got a new grouping of Cheri's handmade earrings - all beautiful.    We have a nice selection - please click through to see. 


Cheri's Copper Earrings

We rarely see copper earrings, but our local artist Cheri makes some in a rare while.   Here is our one and only set!


Cheri's Ocean Jasper Necklace

In addition to the ocean jasper, this necklace features magnazite and hematite.    A cool, funky piece that you won’t find anywhere else


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