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These baskets have been a favorite of our customers for several years.   The price is excellent and the designs are simply beautiful.    We chose our most popular designs to show here, although we have more in stock.    Made in Cambodia, the artisans are provided with a healthcare safety net program, yearly dividends, and schooling options.   Each basket comes with an artist card explaining the weaving process.  Each is handcrafted by traditional artisans who employ the methods used by generations of weavers who practice their craft around the ancient temple at Angkor Wat.

Each of these pieces is one of a kind - the one you order will be the one you receive.


In the first picture on the left is a sweet little bowl for holding anything from your car keys to wrapped candy or a couple of small biscuits for dinner.  It has a solid woven bottom with a wood insert in the middle.   The sides are a pretty loop design.  It measures 6.5" across the top rim and almost 2" deep.


In the first picture, the larger woven tray on the right is a solid woven design with a sun pattern in the middle of the bottom.   Although measurements may vary slightly, the overall size of the tray is approximately 10.5".    The side rim is slightly over 2" high.


This round basket is pictured third and is nicely designed for bread or biscuits.    The bottom is a solid woven design and the side is a small lacey looped design.    Although the exact measurements may vary, the top width of the basket including a short rim is 10.25".     The depth is approximately 2".



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