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Penzo Mashona Teabag Holder/Spoonrest
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This teapot spoonrest has been a staple in the Penzo line for quite some time because it is such a flexible piece.   It can be used for teabags, spoons at the range, or you can hang them as an ornament since each has a small hole at the top of the "lid".   Each piece is hand painted in Zimbabwe and they are one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist.    The spoonrest measures 6" wide at its widest and 5" tall.    Many people collect teapots - and this is a well priced accessory piece.    Microwave and dishwasher friendly. 

The first spoonrest features an olive green kudu standing in the middle of the scene.   He is looking off to the right.   In the foreground, a zebra lies down in a thick thatch of green grass, a brown gazelle stands to the right and a little blue aardvark type of creature ambles off on the left.   In the rear, an orange elephant trumpets against the deep turquoise sky.   Very pretty.

In the second spoonrest a blue elephant tramps through the tall grass.    Not to be confused with the next spoonrest with a blue elephant, we're calling this one Green Rim - because of its pretty spring green rim painted along the edge   But back to the scene itself.   In front of the elephant scoots a little antelope/deer like animal.   A zebra is peeking onto the scene from the left.   In the background, outlined against a beautiful deep yellow sky, is a lone giraffe who is looking for something munchy to eat.

The third spoonrest features a large blue elephant striding through tall grass in the foreground. A small pink deer pokes it's head into the scene nearby and a pair of zebras frolic near a river running through the scene. A blazing red and yellow Penzo sun peaks out from behind the foliage of a small tree on the far riverbank in a bright yellow sky.  dramadramdra     rmtatangedeep dd feather poonin the  the   

Since each one is one of a kind, the piece you order will be the piece you actually receive.    However, once it's gone, it's gone...