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Penzo Mashona Butter Slate
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This is another handmade piece from Penzo's Zimbabwe studio.    The butter slate is a very flexible piece - use it for butter, corn on the cob, spoon rest, or simply storing pencils in your office.    Each piece measures approximately 9" x 3.5".

There is an antelope on the left hand side who is leaping into the scene on the left.   His blue buddy is grazing on the right foreground.  Another orange antelope stands in the center just watching the action.  A tan oryx stands to the right and a cheetah reclines on the left.   A pretty red and pale yellow rim frames the scene.

In the second slate, a pair of giraffes stand side by side in the middle of the scene.  A zebra nibbles at the grass, an elephant trumpets on the right and a cheetah enters from the left.   A lovely teal sky surrounds the piece.   A very pretty periwinkle blue fading into lavender is painted on the rim.

A little red warthog stares at the viewer in the third slate.   He peeps through a stand of tall grass.  A zebra approaches him, and his buddy is about to drink from a watering hole on the right.  A giraffe stands in the background, a teal oryx also looks at the viewer (we must be very interesting) and a big tan elephant trumpets on the left.   A mauve/lavender rim mimics the colors in the foliage in this piece.

Each Penzo piece is microwave and dishwasher friendly.    Since each piece is one of a kind, the butter slate  you choose will be the one you will actually receive.     Once it's gone, however, it's gone.........slate a teal giraffe leans down to graze in a thatch of brush.   A zebra enters the scene on the right with his nose in the air sniffing for danger.    A little gazelle stands alert on the foreground and a tan oryx ambles off the scene on the left.    A lavender elephant bellows in the background against a powder blue sky.   The rim is a pretty mix of colors:  powder blue, lavender, teal and yellow - all the colors in the scene itself.  A pretty scene!