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Penzo Mashona Butter Slate
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This is another handmade piece from Penzo's Zimbabwe studio.    The butter slate is a very flexible piece - use it for butter, corn on the cob, spoonrest, or simply storing pencils in your office.    Each piece measures approximately 9" x 3.5".

A preening cheetah steals the show on the first slate as it confronts a giraffe and sends a pair of zebras galloping away along a riverbank. Safely across the river a solitary elephant strides confidently along the other bank trumpeting its call under a pale blue autumn sky set against the backdrop of golden orange grassland foliage.

A big blue elephant trumpets as he stomps off the scene in this pretty butter slate.   A warthog walks by hm on the path next to a tan oryx.   A zebra stands off to the right, thinking about whether to stay where he is or go somewhere else.   A lovely deep turquoise sky contrasts nicely with the deep orange leaf pattern on the rim.

In the third slate a little yellow and blue bird sits on a termite mound in the foreground.   A little tan warthog scurries toward a big tan elephant who is trumpeting.   A tan oryx enters from the left.   A zebra stands n the middle sniffing the air for danger.  Tall brush grows in the background under a lovely medium blue sky.   A pretty mango orange rim surrounds the piece, decorated in black slashes.

Each Penzo piece is microwave and dishwasher friendly.    Since each piece is one of a kind, the butter slate  you choose will be the one you will actually receive.     Once it's gone, however, it's gone.........slate a teal giraffe leans down to graze in a thatch of brush.   A zebra enters the scene on the right with his nose in the air sniffing for danger.    A little gazelle stands alert on the foreground and a tan oryx ambles off the scene on the left.    A lavender elephant bellows in the background against a powder blue sky.   The rim is a pretty mix of colors:  powder blue, lavender, teal and yellow - all the colors in the scene itself.  A pretty scene!   

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