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Wilna's Limited Edition Prints
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Each of Wilna's series of prints measures 6.75"x7" on 8"x8" archival fine art paper.   They are titled, signed and dated by the artist and each one is a reproduction from an original oil painting.    Each print will be accompanied by an artist card.   They are wrapped in cello and are ready for framing.   



When the artist's niece Willow came to visit - she started counting all the ornamental bunnies that her aunt had. She pointed one out to her father and then another...and another!  She then looked at him with her beautiful, big eyes and exclaimed "Bunnies Everywhere!".   Remembering this, the artist Wilna thought it would make the perfect title for an oil painting!


PUDDLES (pic2)

These two little ducks are enjoying the rainy day puddles - will you have as much fun as they do splashing around?


HIDE & SEEK (pic3)

Has the little sister duck and her lamb friend spotted her two brother ducks?

The brother ducks dare to take a peek...
Ooops! They can't see!
As ducklings often do, one scrambles up on top of the other to take a peek!

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