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These mythical tales will enrich your child's imagination and immerse them in Charleston's magical low-country landscape and marine life while teaching valuable social lessons about the danger of judging others by appearance, reputation or language. 


Shem Creek sea friends have spurned Lily because of her many differences, but when their Jamboree is in imminent danger, Lily performs a magical feat that saves their day.   By embracing differences, children can learn important lessons about cultural diversity while being sensitized to our precious marine life.

Hardcover, 42 pgs. 


In the second book in the series, Lily wants to return to her home in the Raspberry Kingdom, and her sea friends offer to accompany her.   However, they must find their way past the Pink Meanie, Oscar the Giant Squid and other dangerous riptides and currents.  They help a pirate along the way, and only reach their destination with the help of all the friends acting together.  It offers advice about the value of friendship and gentle approaches to bullying.

Hardcover, 49 pages


Both books:  Ages 1-5 with assistance.

Ages 5+ can read alone  

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