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Penzo Original Watercolor - Underwater

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I have one beautiful, vivid watercolor.   And before I start describing it, forgive me for my awful picture.   I just can't seem to take pictures without the glare from other things around - either I'm in the photo or something else is which is why I took it on this angle.   There are no odd shadings on the glass, it's just me, the inept photographer.  I'd be happy to take more photos and try harder.

This pretty piece has a background of medium blue.   In it, fishes swim, sea worms float, octopuses float, sea stars and sea bits float among the others.   It's a lovely piece.   The mat is a hard color to describe - not burgundy, not dark pink but somewhere in between.   Persian red?   If you look closely, the inner mat is wood which frames the zigzag design along the painted rim of the picture.   The outside frame is also wood, hand carved in Zimbabwe with a calming swirl design reminiscent of the sea waves.   It's a lovely piece and unusual to see one come on the market.

It measures 26.5" wide by 21 3/4" high in total.