Charleston Goodies

Some of our more popular items that stand on their own as gifts, expecially since they are uniquely Charleston! 

Grandma's First Thanksgiving

A lovely story about the true spirit of Thanksgiving for one family who has just emigrated to the United States from Lebanon, told through the eyes of a grandmother.

Orig.: $23.99
Sale: $11.99

Legends of Adventure Game

Woo!  We have a talented group of people here in Charleston!   The newest addition is Legends of Adventure, a board game designed by a local teacher.    The object is to work together, defeat monsters and become one of the Legends of Adventure!  The game combines the excitement of video games with the tactile enjoyment of a board game.  Click through to hear more about it.  


Orig.: $39.99
Sale: $19.99

Fred The Snake Books

This wonderful series of books are written about Fred the Snake.    His first book is a tale about a snake who gets squished and then mended.    Great for kids facing hospital stays or doctor visits.    The sequel is about Fred going to school for the first time.   Books every child can identify with.    Written by local author, Peter Cotton. 

Orig.: $24.00
Sale: $12.00

Sammy the Wonder Dachsund Charleston Books

Jonathan Miller, a local writer and artist, has written two books about Sammy The Wonder Dachsund who does some amazing things.   Click through for more info on the adventures of Sammy.   Each book is signed.

Orig.: $18.50
Sale: $9.25

Eco Green Dog Book

Find out how Eco Green Dog got his name and follow his mischievous romp through some pretty hairy places (no pun intended).    An excellent little book that teaches children about their responsibility toward animals and the environment.

Orig.: $14.99
Sale: $7.49