Our Favorites of The Penelope Penzo Collection

Penelope Penzo's beautiful dishes are hand painted by a number of inspired painters from Zimbabwe.  They are microwave and dishwasher friendly and make a wonderful addition to your table! 

PLEASE NOTE:    We have been informed that Penelope Penzo handmade ceramics will be discontinued.   We will have one final order coming before Christmas - we're told early December  (cross your fingers).   Let us know what you're looking for and we'll be sure to let you know when it arrives.   

Penelope Penzo 14" Carafe/Vase

It's been years since Penzo released a wine carafe.   But it also makes an excellent vase, which is how we have it displayed.  Newly designed by Penelope Penzo.    All Penzo pieces are both functional and decorative, giving you the best of both worlds. Each is one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist. 


Penelope Penzo Fruit/Serving Bowl

Penzo is all hand-painted in Zimbabwe. Each piece is one of kind and signed by the artist.    We have many wonderful bowls in stock, click through to see all of our selection.


Penelope Penzo Flared Bowl - small

This small bowl is super-cool and part of the Penelope Penzo line.     It is one of a kind, signed by the artist in Zimbabwe - and safe to use!!   Click through for current limited selection.


Penelope Penzo 12.5" Round Zebra Print Charger

These beautiful round charger plates from Penzo feature an ornate hand-painted zebra print border. The design fully circles an inner painting and creates an almost frame-like design. Check them out!


Penelope Penzo 13" Square Platter

Check out these amazing handpainted serving platters!   Handpainted in Zimbabwe.   Click through to see our current selection.  They are beautifully painted and extremely sturdy.


Penelope Penzo 9" Square Plate

Hand painted in Zimbabwe, these luncheon plates are so amazingly beautiful - they are simply a treat!     Each one is one of a kind and signed.  Click through to see our current selection! 


Penelope Penzo Thai Soup Bowl - Lara

This soup bowl can be used for SO many things like soups, desserts, nuts or small salads.    New from Penelope Penzo.  Hand-painted in Zimbabwe, they are food safe, microwave friendly, and dishwasher friendly for easy clean up.


Penelope Penzo Deep Snack Bowl - Lara

The snack bowl has many uses - for nuts, chips, cereal, or desserts.    It is created by Penelope Penzo designs in Zimbabwe and is one of a kind.


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