Classic Penzo

For those of you who have been collecting the Penzo pattern since 1996, you will recognize the traditional shapes and the whimsical painting.  We are the only North American retailer authorized by Penzo to carry the Mashona pattern and are proud to present it here.  

PLEASE NOTE:    We have just been informed that Penzo Mashona handmade ceramics will be discontinued.   We are taking special orders for one final order to ship from Zimbabwe.  That order deadline is July 30, 2014.   If you need any specific pieces that we do not have in stock, let us know quickly so we can place that order.  

Penzo Watercolor

This is the last one we have left.....   Painted by the Penzo artists, this watercolor has a hand etched frame and a wood inner mat.    Click through for closeups.


Penzo Mashona Covered Butter Dish

These beautiful butter dishes neatly fit your slabs of butter in one of a kind, hand painted ceramic dishes. Click through for a view of each gorgeous dish from Penzo's classic Mashona collection. 


Penzo Mashona 12.25" Presentation Plate

Eye-popping colors, impressive details and exotic animals!  The Penzo Mashona ceramics are all hand-painted in Zimbabwe and signed by the artist. The presentation plate can be used as a charger plate or for serving appetizers.  Click through for our wide selection.


Penzo Mashona 9" Salad/Luncheon Plate

These ceramics are all hand-painted in Zimbabwe; each piece is one-of-a-kind and is signed by the artist.   The 9" plate is a great starter piece for those looking to build a collection and it's a great piece to add to a larger collection.  Click through to see our current selection.


Penzo Mashona 10" Square Charger

This beautiful plate can serve as a charger, a serving plate or a dinner plate.    Multi-fuctional is great when thinking how to serve your next meal.   Each piece is handpainted in Zimbabwe and signed.   Click through for our current selection!


Penzo Mashona Eli's Wine Cooler

Just take a look at this classic Penzo wine cooler.   Tons of color, animals and the whimsical Penzo craftsmanship.   If you don't drink wine, just put some fruit, flowers or feathers in it!


Penzo Mashona Espresso Cup/Saucer

We haven't stocked the espresso cup and saucer for many years.   And now it's back!      Each cup comes with its matching saucer.   From the Penzo studio in Zimbabwe, each is one of a kind and signed! 


Penzo Mashona Tea for Two Pot

Just look at this sweet Teapot from Penelope Penzo - perfect for two!    Handmade in Zimbabwe and signed by the artist, each is unique!   Click through to see our current selection.


Penzo Mashona Teabag Holder/Spoonrest

Here is another flexible piece from the Penzo studios.    A spoonrest that can double as a teabag holder, a spoonrest near your stove, or an ornament.   Each is one of a kind and signed. 


Penzo Mashona Milk Jug/Creamer

This sweet little Mashona creamer can be used for cream, steamed milk, or even gravy at holiday time.  It is a one-of-a-kind work of art that is both functional and beautiful.


Penzo Mashona Kalla Coaster

This great coaster is perfect in pairs or sets - each sold individually but we would be happy to put a nice ribbon around several of them for gifting.    Handpainted in Zimbabwe, each is one of a kind and signed by a Penzo artist. 


Penzo Mashona Vegetable Bowl - medium

This handmade ceramic Penzo veggie bowl is one of a kind and signed by the artist.   We always sell out of this size quickly because it's a good shape for individual servings or passing around the table.   Click through to see our current selection.


Penzo Mashona Rice Bowl - small

A very flexible piece from the Penzo collection.    The small rice bowl can be used for dipping and if paired with one of the larger plates or platters, they look great as a set.    Handpainted and one of a kind!


Penzo Mashona Spoonrest

A spoonrest is a very useful piece in anybody's kitchen and this pretty one is handpainted and signed!    Out of Zimbabwe's Penzo studio, this is a very well priced kitchen accent. 


Penzo Mashona Butter Slate

Another great piece from the Penzo studios in Zimbabwe.    This handpainted butter slate is perfect for a stick of butter, corn on the cob, or put it on your desk to hold pencils.  


Penzo Mashona 9" Nan Platter

All the Penzo ceramics are all hand-painted in Zimbabwe.  Each piece is one of kind and signed by the artist.   Click through for our selection of these great little platters that can be used for lunch plates as well as appetizers.


Penzo Mashona 13" Anna Platter

The 13" square platter has been a staple of the Penzo line for many years.    Each is from Zimbabwe and signed by the artist. Click through for our current selection!


Penzo Mashona Ceramic Ornaments

We love these pretty ceramic ornaments - handpainted in Zimbabwe and signed by the artist.

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