Unique, spectacular and handmade - that's the kind of jewelry we like to showcase here.   You won't find anything mass produced.      We have a large inventory of one-of-a-kind pieces which we will be presenting, so if you fall in love with a particular piece, get it before it's gone........      Please click on the photo or title for complete information about the item.

Dawn's Charleston Pendant

If you want to come to Charleston, wear one of Dawn's Charleston Pendants for good luck.    One side shows a Post Office cancellation stamp from a postcard sent from Charleston in the past and the other side shows the cancelled stamp.   Ours exclusively.

PLEASE NOTE;  We have only one left.

Orig.: $55.00
Sale: $27.50

Stephanie's Flower Bud Amber Necklace

These baltic amber necklaces are always in style.   Whether for casual wear or more elegant occasions, amber is always in style.   These necklaces are simple, yet elegant.   Click through for our current selection.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have only one left.

Orig.: $55.00
Sale: $27.50

Stephanie's Flower Bud Amber Earrings

Such pretty flower bud earrings.  Made with amber from the Baltic.   Click through for closeup and details!

Orig.: $65.00
Sale: $32.50

Stephanie's Ornate Amber Earrings

This is a absolutely lovely pair of ornate earrings - they look almost medieval.  

PLEASE NOTE:   We have one pair left.

Orig.: $55.00
Sale: $27.50

Susan's Sunrays Pendant

Susan's handmade necklaces feature her Sunray design.   It is full of stones and pearls, each a different color theme so it's easy to find the perfect color to fit your needs.   These have been a best seller of ours for quite some time.     The design is unusual, the quality is excellent and the price is amazing. 

Orig.: $49.00
Sale: $24.50

Susan's Pearl & Stone Earrings

Susan's blue earrings contain the colors of the sea:   greens, greys and blues.   They are handmade and sterling silver. 

Orig.: $35.00
Sale: $17.50