This category is a constantly changing one.     We always find cool stuff from all over the world, and this page will reflect our best picks.    Keep checking back to see our latest finds.      Please click on a photo below or its description to get more information on an item.    

Mama Raincoat Duck

Collect a set of these crazy ducks.     Here's Mama Duck, looking very....well.... duckish actually.       

Orig.: $35.00
Sale: $17.50

Mini Puffin Windspinner

We had these custom made for us some time ago.    We used them in the store for decoration.   Use as a wind spinner - or as a fan pull.

PLEASE NOTE:   We only have one green and one yellow in stock.

Orig.: $14.00
Sale: $7.00

Large Shell: Lambis Truncata

Lambis truncata, commonly called the Truncate Spider Conch, is seen in the Indian Ocean and is the largest and heaviest of spider shells.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one in stock.

Orig.: $48.00
Sale: $24.00


These lovely sugar white starfish make a great collector's piece for a child's shell collection or to enhance your home's nautical decor.   We've also used them as a topping to wrap beach wedding presents. 

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one of each size in stock.

Orig.: From $10.00
Sale: From $5.00

Large Shell: Yellow Helmet

This is the elegant Horned Helmet shell, also known as the Yellow Helmet shell because of the creamy orange/white color on the inside.   A beautiful addition to your shell collection or nautical decor.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one in stock. 

Orig.: $48.00
Sale: $24.00