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Penzo Mashona Small Ornament

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Everyone loves ceramic ornaments.    These are signed and one of a kind, handpainted in Penzo's Zimbabwe studio.   They make great gifts for Penzo collectors, people who like animals, or for anyone who collects special ornaments!      The small ones measure 2.25" round.   

In the first ornament a little guinea fowl walks through a thatch of grass.   A kudu is on the other side staring at him and a brown oryx stands in a  parallel path.    A tan warthog scurries past him.   A bright lemon sky is overhead and it contrasts nicely with the olive base whose colors are repeated in the trees.  

In the second ornament a little tan warthog stands looking at the viewer, his back leg cocked as if to paw the ground or run.  On the opposite side a lavender kudu walks along a path with a zebra right in front of him.   A lovely blue sky peeks out from under the Penzo sun.


The ornament you order will be the exact one you receive.