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Penzo Limoges 6" Bread Plate - Edition 1
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The bread plate is the smallest of three plates (dinner, dessert) in Penelope Penzo's Mauritius line.  Each of the bread plates comes in a choice of four different rim designs, all pictured.   They are made from fine porcelain in Limoges France.    The bread plate measures 6"across.      

The first picture has a touch of red in the border.  A very pretty color that washes in with the blues and greens of the rim and the lapis blue of the centered shell.

The second picture shows the  quill rim, reminiscent of the animals in the traditional Penzo designs.   It complements the colors in the center shell.

The third picture shows the starburst rim on the left with a traditional shell centered on the stark white background.  The sea fan rim is pictured on the right and features a small sea pumpkin centered.  

Because of the gold rim along the outer edge, each plate is handwash only.