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Penzo Limoges 6.3" Cereal Bowl - Edition 1
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Cereal bowls can be used for so many different things besides cereal:  desserts, puddings, and small soups.   They are the staple of any porcelain collection and this cereal bowl from Penelope Penzo's Mauritius pattern is simply beautiful with its single fish in greens and blues centered on a stark white porcelain background.   The inside of each of the four bowls is different with four different rims to choose from.   The outside is also decorated and our first picture shows one side of the bowl which is the same pattern on each of the bowls, no matter which rim you choose.    Penzo's newest line is made in France.    Each bowl measures 2.5" tall and 6" at the top rim. 

The first picture is the quill rim design with a shot of the outside of the bowl.   The outside of each bowl is the same.

The second picture is the touch of red in the rim design.  There is a very pretty fish in the center who complements the rim colors.

The third picture shows the fan design on the left and the sunburst rim on the right. 

Because of the gold rim along the top rim, each bowl is handwash.