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Darryl's Pewter Starfish/Urchin Bowl - 7"

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Once you see these bowls in person, you'll fall in love with them just as we did.    They are beautifully done and they always remind us of our carefree vacations by the ocean.   The swirling ocean waves make little sand pockets on the beach where creatures can get caught up before they wash back out on the tides.   Darryl's pewter castings catch the swirling water and sand as it actually looks.   You can almost feel the sand under your feet as you look at his bowls.  Each of his pewter bowls are one of a kind, signed and accompanied by an artist card that includes care instructions.  

This gorgeous bowl features a starfish and a little sea urchin that look like they've been caught in the latest wave.   He's cast the textured sand, the water bubbles as the water sinks into the soupy sand and of course, the little creatures that make the bowl an exquisite piece.   The top diameter of this bowl is 7" wide and it stands 2" tall.    

Since each piece is one of a kind, the bowl you order will be the exact one you will receive.

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