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In the first book of The Adventures of Sammy the Wonder Dachsund, Sammy's Last Week in Charleston, little Sammy gets a better job and must say goodbye to the city of Charleston.    This is the story of his last week among his friends before he becomes a jet-setter fact checker for an internet corporation.    All the local sites are represented and the illustrations are from original works of art created by the author.   Hardcover w/book jacket.   46 pages.

In the sequel, Sammy's adventures continue with Sammy On Safari.    In this tale, Sammy has been stuck behind his desk for awhile now, but that is all about to change with his special fact-finding mission to Africa.   Sammy meets a wide array of exotic animals and learns a little bit about helping others along the way.     Hardcover w/book jacket.    52 pages.

Each book is signed by Jonathan Miller.

Collect the pair - they go well as a set!