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Penzo 5" Jayne Pitcher

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Pitchers are another useful item to have around the house.   Easy to water plants with or use for serving coffee when the little creamer just doesn't hold enough milk.   It measures 5" tall from the spout.   

This pitcher features an elephant family walking through the tall grass, a wall of boulders at their backs.   On the other side, a pair of black and white birds peck at bugs and a pair of little warthogs scurry through the grass.   The sky is a lovely light teal green.   

This piece is pre-owned and being sold on behalf of a collector.   This piece is crazed on the back which means the glaze expanded/contracted at a different rate than the ceramic and resulted in small fine line cracks on the back.    The pitcher is still safe to use, and many ceramic pieces craze over time.   Before purchasing, however, the customer should be aware of the issue.   For that reason, the piece is priced at less than the others.