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Orig. Price: $69.00
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Prod. Code: 1851

We had to picture these together since they made such a nice pair.  They are sold separately.  The creamer measures 3" tall.

The creamer has a white sky background which makes the blue cape buffalo even more vivid.   Next to him is a violet and orange pair of birds.    On the opposite side is a pair of pink elephants, both with their trunks raised.  It is a sweet little piece and goes so well with the creamer that it is a shame to split them up.    

This pieces are pre-owned and being sold on behalf of a collector.   This piece is crazed on the inside which means the glaze expanded/contracted at a different rate than the ceramic and resulted in small fine line cracks on the inside.    They are still safe to use, and many ceramic pieces craze over time.   Before purchasing, however, the customer should be aware of the issues.   For that reason, the pieces are priced at less than the others.