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Penzo Tablecloth Topper - never used
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Prod. Code: 4759

This is a unique piece from the Penzo Zimbabwe studios.   It's a handpainted tablecloth topper.   The edges are painted all around in a honey/amber/light brown color pattern.   The Penzo sun is on each corner.

This topper measures 58" x 56".   You can use this as a tablecloth, depending on how big your table is, or as a topper, with a full cloth underneath and this placed on the diagonal on top.   This topper was never used, but put away in storage.   That said, there are two marks which you can see in picture three which appear to be the rim from a glass or a mug placed on it.   The stiff sizing is still in place, however, and it doesn't appear that the tablecloth was ever used or laundered. 

As I recall, we only had a very few of these in stock when they first arrived, no more than a handful.   I have two myself, in different colors, and I've machine washed them like I do all my table linens.   They fade a bit over time, but then again, I don't baby my things and they fade the same as in all fabrics eventually.   I would expect that the two ring marks would come out with a bit of extra detergent rubbed on them.      

This piece is pre-owned and being sold on behalf of a collector.