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Penzo Original Watercolor - Butterflies
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I have one beautiful Penzo watercolor with butterflies.   And before I start describing it, forgive my inept attempt to get a decent picture.   I just can't seem to take photos without the glare from other things around.  There are no odd shadings on the glass, it's just me, trying to get out of the image.   I'd be happy to take more photos.

This pretty piece is a very calm piece.   It is a nice mix of blues and pale olives.    In it, butterflies and dragonflies fly and ladybugs waddle.  The outside mat is a pale olive.   If you look closely, the inner mat is wood painted silver.   The painted mountain design on the edge of the painting is similar to the incised design on the wood frame.  The inner mat is navy blue.  The outside frame is wood, hand carved in Zimbabwe with a calming mountain and sun design reminiscent of Penzo's ceramic designs.   It's a lovely piece and unusual to see one come on the market.

That said, there is fading on the picture and some discoloration along the outside mat.   I can take more pictures for you to see closer in detail.   It could probably use a good cleaning on the inside of the glass.  Hence, the amazing price.

It measures 26 1/4" wide by 22" top to bottom overall size.