Classic Penzo

For those of you who have been collecting the Penzo pattern since 1996, you will recognize the traditional shapes and the whimsical painting.  We are the only North American retailer authorized by Penzo to carry the Mashona pattern and are proud to present it here.

Penzo Hand Embroidered Pillow Cover

Penzo has put their name on a very few select home decor items.    These pillow covers are hand embroidered by Penzo needleworkers.   Each is one of a kind.   Click through for selection.

Orig.: $50.00
Sale: $25.00

Penzo Mashona Teabag Holder/Spoonrest

Here is another flexible piece from the Penzo studios.    A spoonrest that can double as a teabag holder, a spoonrest near your stove, or an ornament.   Each is one of a kind and signed. 

Orig.: $49.00
Sale: $24.50

Penzo Mashona Butter Slate

Another great piece from the Penzo studios in Zimbabwe.    This handpainted butter slate is perfect for a stick of butter, corn on the cob, or put it on your desk to hold pencils.  

Orig.: $49.00
Sale: $24.50